Did you know that the majority of people who work out actually enjoy it more than they thought they would? It’s true! You already know that exercise benefits both your physical and mental well-being. So the trick is, to find ways in which you can make exercise fun for you so that you can get started and stick to it.

Below are 10 foolproof ways to make working out more enjoyable:

  1. Grab a buddy. Working out with a friend is not only great way to squeeze in some face time, but it also provides extra accountability. If your friends are booked, check out local running clubs or fitness groups.
  2. Join a class. There are so many different types of group fitness classes offered these days that you are bound to find one that you like. Working alongside others helps make those tough exercises go by more quickly.
  3. Crank the tunes. Create a playlist that pumps you up! Music can energize you and help you get better results.
  4. Track your progress. Seeing results is rewarding! Measuring exercise progress and tracking it in a journal makes gains more tangible and provides a great way to stay motivated.
  5. Get competitive.  Whether it’s competing against personal goals or with a workout partner, creating an opportunity to win can help make a workout more enjoyable and more effective. Plus, setting a personal best is a great motivator to keep coming back for more.
  6. Try something new. Mixing in challenging new exercises, like kettlebell, TRX, and plyometric deadlifts, provides an extra boost of mental stimulation.
  7. Call in the big guns. Sure, it’s pricier than breaking a sweat solo, but when workouts start to drag, consider bringing in the professionals. Working out with a personal trainer has shown to give an extra dose of motivation and intensity – resulting in an all-around more effective workout than if you were to go at it alone. Plus, the trainer is in charge of the clock, not you.
  8. Get outside. Exercising in the great outdoors not only relieves more stress than indoor exercise, it also offers quite a view. Take in the surrounding scenery, wildlife, and people as a source of inspiration.
  9. Grab an app. Fitness apps do a lot more than time sets and count reps – some help plan innovative workout routines, others connect people to make exercise more social.
  10. Set a reward. Buying a new outfit, grabbing a post-workout smoothie, or splurging on a massage can all be rewards for that tough workout. The key is to choose a reward that is really desirable and a bit frivolous so that it actually seems like a treat.