Consistent exercise, proper nutrition and effective supplements are the three cornerstones of a fit and healthy lifestyle. To help my clients succeed, I believe it’s important to provide them with the absolute best products on the market. A nutritional supplement program is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and I’ve partnered with AdvoCare to ensure that my clients are receiving the highest quality service and access to the same products that professional and olympic level athletes utilize. I have seen first hand what a difference the products make and my clients are thrilled to achieve faster, longer-lasting results.

Since 1993, AdvoCare® has been a world-class nutrition advocate specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance. Their products are formulated by an elite Scientific and Medical Advisory Board with over 200 years combined experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics. These experts take the guess work out of choosing supplements!

  • Dr. Stanley Dudrick pioneered research and development of intravenous hyperalimantation (Total Parenteral Nutrition), is the recipient of more than 130 honors and awards, including having the Yale Department of Surgery named after him.
  •  Dr. Sidney Stohs is President of the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists, holder of the Gilbert F. Taffe Jr. Endowed Chair in Research and is one of the top toxicologists in the nation.

AdvoCare has formed a strategic alliance with INFORMED-CHOICE to certify that their products are banned-substance free. In fact, hundreds of professional athletes, coaches, entertainers and world champions are fueled by AdvoCare products. A third of all quarterbacks in the NFL are currently product users and endorsers. New Orleans Quarterback and MVP of the Pro Football World Championship Game, Drew Brees is the AdvoCare National Spokesperson.  Other endorsers include: Jason Witten, Dallas Tight End; Rich Froning, 4-Time Reebok® CrossFit® Games Champion; and Trevor Bayne, Nationwide® Series Driver Car No. 6 AdvoCare Ford Mustang.

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