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Debbie Ally-Dickerson

When Debbie met Donavon she had never taken a group fitness class. Three months and four dress sizes later she was convinced that no other person had made as big an impact on her life in as short a time. “I believe what Donavon does is important; I’m happy to be a part of his team!” An integral part of the BODYbyDONAVON team since its inception, Debbie’s role has ranged from Artistic Director and Editor to Graphic Designer. Debbie has a degree in Philosophy and Fine Art. She and her husband own WORK Printing and Graphics ( in South Baltimore. She loves the smell of nutmeg, gets excited about really excellent fruit and has a thing for bees, moonlight and Southern Gothic literature.



Jiho Sohn:

Jiho Sohn

Jiho Sohn is the web guy and photographer for BODYbyDONAVON. He majored in ceramics at Rhode Island School of Design and moved to Baltimore after receiving his BFA. For ten years he worked as a web developer here in Baltimore, but now he runs a web and photography business at His tools of choice are Canon 7D, PHP, SEO, bad jokes, and creative problem solving. Jiho enjoys budget traveling, cooking on his cast iron skillet, life, and reading philosophy. His favorite color is red and he dreams one day of speaking fluent French and German while having a small organic farm.


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