extra fit

Did you know that physical inactivity is now the third leading cause of preventable deaths in the US? Did you know that physical activity is a powerful complement to traditional medical intervention?

The medicinal benefits of exercise:

 1.      Exercise benefits brain health

Multiple studies have reported that a high level of physical activity seems to delay the onset of dementia or that exercise helps to delay cognitive impairment. Exercise reduces risk factors such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension, which can trigger neurodegeneration.

 2.      Exercise is an antioxidant

Moderate exercise turns on powerful antioxidant genes and strengthens our defense against free radicals.

 3.      Exercise for cancer prevention and cancer survival

An extensive evidence-based report found convincing evidence that physical activity helps decrease the risk of coloretcal cancer and probable evidence that it helps decrease the risk of post-menopausal breast and endometrium cancer. The report also states that maintaining a healthy body weight throughout life may be one of the most important ways to protect against cancer.

Other recent studies have also reported that exercise is important for cancer survivors. Results from several studies shows that post-diagnosis physical activity reduces breast cancer deaths.

4.      Exercise helps us live longer

Aging is the body’s decline of function: Muscles lose strength and mass, bones become fragile, the heart beats slower, and brain function becomes impaired before death. New evidence, however, shows that exercise is linked to mortality and aging. Recent studies show that mortality risk in older men (age 65-92) is 38 percent lower for those who achieved exercise capacity of 5.1-6.0 metabolic equivalents (approximately an hour of brisk walking).

Remember: Exercise is medicinal! So start moving. Be active. Exercise is an investment in your health and to your future.