Fitness Classes

These are group classes lead by an instructor. Classes fill up on a first come first serve basis so be sure and sign up at the front desk of the respective gyms. Fitness classes are always free for gym members, however it is possible for non-members to attend.


This fun and effective exercise class mixes low-intensity, calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval weight and strength training. The class is low-impact but a great way to burn body fat, build stamina, increase your energy, and overall health.


This high energy class teaches you basic boxing and kickboxing moves that will keep your heart pumping! The class consists of high and low intensity cardio with body sculpting in between sets.


This one hour, full-body workout will strengthen various muscle groups and improve agility, strength, endurance and balance. The class provides high-level conditioning for the entire body through the use of free weights coupled with high and low impact cardio.