As most of you already know, getting into a consistent fitness schedule is essential to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Mapping out a weekly workout routine is also a great step to ensuring you are using your gym time efficiently and effectively. But, did you know that changing up the order of your exercises may lead to faster results?

When you learn a certain group of exercises, it’s easy to get in the habit of doing them in the same sequence every time; this is a smart method to ensure you don’t leave one out. If you’re constantly doing your exercises in the same order, however, your muscles will become efficient at doing them, and you’ll be more likely to reach a plateau. You’ll get more out of your strength training sessions if you change the order of the exercises. One day, start with lunges and bicep curls, and the next workout begin with squats and overhead presses. Varying the sequence will fatigue your muscles in a different order, which will not only be more challenging, but will also prevent you from becoming bored, which will negatively affect your motivation.