On-Site Training

  • Receive the benefits of personal training without the expense of a gym membership or wasted travel-time.
  • If your apartment or condominium complex has a fitness center, On-Site Training is available.
  • On-Site Training and Nutritional Seminars are also available at your office or work space.
  • There are no excuses when the trainer comes to you!

On-Line Training

  • Receive personalized workouts via email.
  • Suitable for any fitness level!
  • Benefit from an affordable alternative to personal training.
  • Workout from any location with no gym membership required.

Recipes & Fitness Tips

  • Start with small changes that you can happily live with.
  • Find physical activities you enjoy and incorporate them into your daily routine.
  • Maintaining a balanced diet may be as simple as adding healthy foods that you enjoy eating.
  • Try a variety of fresh, unprocessed foods made with nutrient-rich ingredients.

Hearty Quinoa and Bean Stew

By: The Working Girl’s Kitchen Last night was one of those evenings where I had no clue what I was going to make for dinner. I whipped up this one-pot dish based on ingredients on hand and minimal energy to expend. The final product was a success and one I will...

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Mexican Quinoa Casserole

This delicious recipe is easily modified to be a vegetarian or Paleo dish. Simply remove the ground beef and double the amounts of quinoa and black beans to make a vegetarian meal. For Paleo, omit the corn and beans. You can still use cheese, just make sure you have a...

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Cilantro-Lime Dressing

By: The Working Girl’s Kitchen I refuse to buy store-bought salad dressing. Not only is homemade dressing free from all those unpronounceable additives, but it is 100% tastier. Another plus is that the left over rarely goes to waste. I can use it as a marinade or a...

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Roasted Tofu

 By: The Working Girl’s Kitchen   The health benefits of tofu as a meat substitute are numerous. Consuming tofu regularly helps lower bad cholesterol, alleviates symptoms associated with menopause and even lowers the risk of cancer. Other major health benefits of tofu...

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Get Motivated!

According to a new study, that familiar feeling of exercise fatigue can be easily overcome with nothing but a shift in mindset. Participants who engaged in “self-talk,” specifically with mantras like “Feeling good." and "Push through this." not only outperformed their...

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Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry

By: The Working Girl's Kitchen I’m not a vegetarian, but I enjoy cooking vegetarian-friendly meals. With the right spices, a veggie dish is just as exciting to the taste buds and just as filling as a meat-laden dish. As a note, I view recipe measurements as a general...

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