Nirina R. I have started taking Donavon’s X-training class at True Balance since December 2013 and still going. He has a powerful class with lots of encouragement. You feel your hard works after class for sure. I am 30lbs lighter, gained lots of knowledge about food/cooking options and have more strength that I didn’t know I had. Thank you Donavon!

 Shenae H.

Donovan is a an excellent trainer. The results that I have achieved to date are largely due to his diverse training methods. He keeps every session fresh and new. Donovan’s  professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle.

Shenae is 65lbs lighter and still making progress in her fitness and nutritional goals!


 Sharon H.

Before I met Donavan, I lived off of cupcakes and diet cokes.  I bought gym equipment and memberships that I never used.  I looked to infomercials for inspiration, but never followed through.  After failing so many times to get in shape, I was convinced I could never change.  I had tried trainers before, but I never stuck with them.  Donavan changed all that.  He had confidence in me when I didn’t.  He supplied the drive I lacked, until I developed it myself.  His dedication and investment made the difference.  I started exercising daily and completely changed the way I ate.  I went from doing 10 jumping jacks that winded me to 50 burpees and 100! push-ups.  I lost 25 lbs and developed muscle and definition. I was fit not just thin.  He taught me the habits which gave me the power to change.

 Carrie D.

I’ve always considered myself a fit and healthy person. I’ve been a regular gym-goer for the last 14 years, generally going 2-5 times a week. I’ve also worked with personal trainers off and on doing those years, working with one for two consecutive years. In the past, my main motivation for working out was to relieve stress and to maintain my clothing size, since I also have a great love and appreciation of good food. I was satisfied with my size and did not think that I could achieve better measurements without making drastic, and potentially unhealthy, changes to my diet. Training with Donavon, however, has changed my perspective on what my body could achieve. With Donavon, I have not only lost weight, but reduced inches in areas of my body that I did not think could be altered. I still maintain the same workout schedule, but with Donavon’s guidance and motivation, I now appreciate the importance of weight training and incorporating different training methods. During my time with him, I discovered that I enjoy boxing and kickboxing.  Plus, another added benefit in working with him is interacting with his other clients in his group sessions. I have met many wonderful people through his group training, some of whom have become close friends.

Donavon not only assisted me in obtaining results that I viewed as unrealistic, but he has opened my eyes to my physical capabilities. I highly recommend Donavon Israel and BODYbyDONAVON.


 Sara E.

I have been training with Donavon now for about 8 weeks, and I have never felt stronger and healthier in my life. Before starting with Donavon, it was all about going to work and coming home too exhausted to go to the gym and to prepare healthy foods.  Donavon has introduced a lifestyle that is easy (and enjoyable) to take on.  Who knew 30 minutes a week with Donavon would give me the energy and inspiration to go to the gym all the other days I don’t train with him.  He is really in tune with your needs and goals and tailors the workouts to each person.   Not to mention his recipes…yummy, and easy to prepare!!  I would list my favorites, but there are far too many.  Training with Donavon has giving me the endurance to train for an 8k in that is only a month away, and eventually a half marathon before my 30th birthday.  And I know it’s not about the numbers on the scale!   Although the scale says I “only” lost 8 lbs, I know that my body composition has changed drastically.  I’m fitting into pants I haven’t worn in almost 2 years, and my legs and arms are toning out so nicely.  Thank you Donavon for everything and having the patience of a saint, but the persistence of a bulldog!


 Catherine C.

After moving to Baltimore about 8 months ago, I gained about 15 lbs. that seemed impossible to lose! I tried to lose the weight myself with dieting, but after a few months was disappointed by the results. Prior to working with Donavon, I absolutely hated the gym – it was boring, I was sore, and between graduate school and a full-time job, my last priority was working out. After my first session with Donavon, I knew that I would feel accomplished if I continued to work out and push myself. I quickly saw results and have never been in better shape. Instead of feeling anxious about going to the gym, I now look forward to it (even at 6:00 am!).


 Jenny K.

Donavon is not the first trainer I have hired, but could be the last!  He takes your workout, any injuries, time and goals seriously.  I have been training now with Donavon for ten, thirty minute sessions and have noticeable results in toning, endurance and strength.  The sessions include a fun and challenging mix of cardio, strength training and stretching.  The workouts are, of course, tailored for your needs, but it has got to be the most efficient and productive 30 minutes spent in my day!  With Donavon’s help, I am able to build personalized workouts outside of the times we meet to stay on track, engaged in the workout and pushing myself.  Body by Donavon is a must and doesn’t stop just at training.  You’ll get healthy recipes too!



Noelle W.

I started training with Donovan the year after my daughter was born.  I enrolled in his Fit Club and was immediately hooked on his training style.  He mixes a lot of strength exercises with cardio and continuously makes workouts fresh and new.  I also appreciate how he only pushes you just enough.  When I train with Donovan I know it’s going to be a hard workout but it’s going to be one I can handle.  He is a great motivator and supporter.Recently, I trained one on one with Donovan during my second pregnancy.  He kept me active and working hard up until the week before I had my son.  His training wasone of the reasons I was able to only gain 25 pounds during this pregnancy.  Six months post pregnancy, I am 4 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight and training to run a 10K.  Overall, I have had a great experience training with Donovan.  His dedication and passion for what he does is evident during every training session.  I strongly recommend Donovan to anyone who asked.


 T. Nicolette

I signed up for Donavon’s Fit Club to drop a couple of pounds I put on over the holidays.  The workouts were challenging, fun and a welcome change to my running routine.  I found myself looking forward to working out.  Donavon also sent me a sample meal plan, which I followed (except for the three days I was visiting New Orleans).  Four weeks later, I was down the holiday five, felt stronger and started to notice changes in my body and the way my clothes fit.  Donavon’s Fit Club was the kick start I needed to amp up my routine.  
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Scott C.

“Through working with Donovan as a personal trainer, and following his diet advice, I’ve lost 25 lbs in less than two months. He’s been focused with me on both my weight loss as well as my general fitness level and cardio health too. The complete package…..”



Tina P.

I’ve had the privilege to work out with many different trainers in my life,  gym personal trainers, professional MMA coaches, elite athlete trainers, yogis, Pilates instructors, the list goes on and on…. Donovan, by far is the best overall trainer I’ve ever worked with!!! He is motivating, enthusiastic, energetic, incredibly knowledgeable and has an awesome personality. Donovan completely customizes his training to my needs and abilities, but he never lets me be complacent, he definitely pushes me to my personal limits. Every training session is new and fun, he’s always introducing me to new movements and the overall workout is always never ever boring!  In just 30 minutes with Donovan, I feel like I’ve accomplished and achieved a more complete workout than I could have on my own in and hour and a half.
I’ve been training with Donovan now for about 3 months and definitely see significant changes in my strength, flexibility and tone! And my boyfriend says my butt has never looked better ;-D
I can truly say that training with Donovan has definitely changed my body and my life.  I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!!


Connor B. My wife and I moved to Baltimore 3 years ago for a new job I was starting. The new job demanded(s) a lot of my time with long days and odd hours. I was eating poorly and wasn’t exercising at all. So I joined a gym and it was there that I met Donavon. We started training a few days a week but because of my work schedule and lack of true commitment I began canceling sessions. Fast forward a few months and I wasn’t going to the gym at all and hadn’t spoken to Donavon in a long time!A year ago my Father had a heart attack. It shook me and my wife to the core. I looked in the mirror and saw how ungratefully I was treating my body and immediately called Donavon. Donavon was at my home the very next day. The first thing he did was rip apart our kitchen, throwing out all the bad food we’d been feasting on for months. Then he sat my wife and I down and went through a new nutrition plan and workout schedule. He was totally committed to us, so we committed to him. Over the next year he was with us every single week: encouraging us through text messages, training us, sending us healthy recipes; he gave us his all!A year later and I have lost nearly 30 pounds, but that was gone almost 3 months after we began! The biggest blessing is in maintaining that loss! In all my life I never had a huge focus on both fitness and diet at the same time, but that’s what it takes and I owe that revelation to Donavon! Thank you Donavon for turning things around! I appreciate all the care and dedication you have shown my wife and me over the year.
Simon R. I’m a 45 yr old parent and busy executive. I’ve been working with Donavon for 2 years. The impact his coaching/training has had on me is significant. When I started the training (two years ago) I was in the worst shape of my life; now, I am in the best shape of my life. I train with him three days a week for 30 mins. He is remarkably reliable. He keeps things interesting by changing up the workouts, and he gets results. Donavon has become a good and trusted friend to me because he really is sincere, reliable and competent at what he does; his passion for helping people get fit is evident everyday.
Rufus L. Donavon Israel Rocks! I have been training with Donavon for the last two years and he has helped me to do exercises and lift weights I never thought I would, all this and boxing and good banter too. I can accomplish more with Donavon in 30 minutes than I would do on my own in 2 1/2 hours, plus he understands my training needs and challenges and always tailors the morning program accordingly. My recent golfing success results, in no small part, from Donavon’s effectively tailoring a program towards those muscle groups that a swing depends on. Great guy! Great trainer!


Abigail P. Like most people, I was looking to get in shape but the idea of dragging myself to the gym and attempting to complete routines I got out of a magazine seemed like a daunting task. A friend of mine recommended Donavon saying he was in the neighborhood, had reasonable rates, and after our first session I knew he was the trainer for me! What I most enjoy is that every workout session is different. One day we may be cross training in the park, another we are focusing on core and arms in the gym. Donavon is very knowledgeable and patiently walked me through the proper form of each movement, which muscles were being worked, and how this contributes to the overall result I was looking for. The workouts were only one part of my training. His website has helped me make delicious, easy to prepare meals that are far from your old run-of-the-mill diet recipes. Avocado egg salad? Hello, YUM! Overall I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Donavon and would recommend him to everyone I know.
Walter C. I have been working out with Donavon for over a year. During this time both my fitness level– not to mention my boxing ability– have both improved despite my increasingly hectic schedule. Every workout with Donavon is fun and challenging. His guidance and our sessions continue to give me lots of ideas and options for exercise on my own.
David S. I have been training with Donavon for the past several years on and off. This last time around I fully committed to his training regime and the results have been dramatic. Not only do I look better, but I feel better. The best thing has been the short amount of time. After 6 weeks the changes in my physique are noticeable. I would strongly recommend Donavon, not only will your body be thankful but your mind as well!
Dan R.I have had the opportunity and privilege to work out with a number of very good trainers over the years as a former athlete. I, like so many, threw myself into my career in my post athletics mid 20’s to only wake up one day in my late 20’s and realize that I had spent so much time working that I forgot to take care of myself. I knew it was time for a change so I contacted Donavon and decided to get back in shape. I had heard great things about him in the past and even knew him outside of a gym setting so I was comfortable with his philosophy as well as his approach to training which he had explained to me a few years prior to me signing up for him to train me. To my surprise, he was better than advertised and better than he sold himself to me. He took the time to listen to my goals and in addition to our 1 on 1 training sessions, he made home workout plans for me and a diet plan that I could follow with my limited cooking abilities (no easy feat if you know me). No two workouts with him are the same and even at 6am, he was there to motivate me to power through and really push myself to achieve what I am capable of. I have enjoyed my first 10 sessions with him and cannot wait for the next 10 to start. 
Allison J.While working with Donavon I have lost 30lbs and 2 sizes! I did this by first joining his “Fit Club” and eating from his meal plans that included delicious recipes. I have also worked with him privately and then did his “Boxing Clinic” which was so much fun! Donavon is so enthusiastic and encouraging every time you are with him! He has helped me feel better about myself and I can’t thank him enough for the life I now have!
Martin B. After sitting at a desk eight hours and commuting 2 hours a day, my body really started to reflect my lack of cardiovascular activity. One day I finally stopped kidding myself and decided to look into getting a trainer. When I came across Donavon, something just clicked. The first thing that stood out was his energy; he is super intense in a very good way, and it is only natural to feed of off it. After my first meeting with Donavon, I knew I would continue training with him, and I have for the last year now. He constantly switches things up to keep exercising new and exciting.Needless to say, when I train with Donavon, I always leave the gym looking like I just climbed out of a pool. Donavon has changed my life. He makes me dig deep within myself to find my inner athlete. He has taught me about better nutrition, gave me hands-on advice on how to juice veggies and fruits, and has made me a much stronger and more confident individual.If you have any doubts about getting started, I highly advise you to not waste any more time thinking about it. I promise you he will change your life in the same exact way he has changed mine. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to get as fit as they can possibly be in mind, body and spirit.
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E.K. I am a 60 plus year old with some physical problems, including needing a cane, that had gotten worse after 18 months of a serious illness. After checking out various gyms and trainers in this area, I met Donavon who understood my intentions and limits. After merely 11 sessions, there are clear improvements in both flexibility and endurance without any aggregated physical distress.I am very impressed with the way that Donavon can keep altering, and increasing, the workload for each session while considering my handicaps. I feel fortunate to have met Donavon at this time.
LANCE edit
Lance I’ve been working with Donavon for just over five months. Having never before worked with a personal trainer, I really did not know what to expect. Donavon suggested starting out by meeting twice a week with half hour sessions. My approach to this seemingly brief time was that doing something was better than doing nothing, since I had never gone to a gym before.That has proven to be true, as in this short period I’ve made significant progress in readjusting poor posture caused by working at a computer all day long, and have clearly lost weight. Casual conversations about eating and work habits have assisted this. Donavon is inspiring to work with, and will work you as hard as you want to be worked. He clearly has his own goals for you in mind, but taps into your feedback and pushes and encourages you when you want to do more. We also frequently discuss what I can accomplish on my own, outside of the gym. I’m very pleased that small incremental changes can make a difference in how you feel and look.
Katherine I loved boxing class! It was an effective, fast and fun workout. My body needed a change of routine, and this was exactly what it needed. I’m going to continue incorporating boxing exercises into my workout so I can continue to get the benefits. Thank you!
Mattie G. I have engaged in some sort of sports activity, exercise and or fitness program for most of my life. At the age of 78 I felt that I needed to do a bit more or at least something different to address my immediate fitness concern which was to improve my golf game.I had often thought about a personal trainer but was hesitant. I wondered if I could find an affordable trainer who would be willing and able to work with a seasoned individual and actually produce positive resultsI began my search and decided to try out with Donavon. At the try out session we discussed my goals and my areas of concern and limitations. Donavon explained his approach and expectations…Donavon talked about his holistic approach to fitness and overall wellness. I was very impressed with what I had experienced and when I left that session I knew that I had found the right trainer. I began working with Donavon about 8 months ago and the results thus far has exceeded my expectations. My core strength, upper body strength and flexibility have all improved. Stamina and energy are better. When I started this program my thoughts were to continue with Donavon during the off season and discontinue once the golfing got started. In February I spent a few days in Florida and played a couple rounds of golf. I was amazed at the difference in my game. Now that I have begun golfing on a regular basis the evidence is there. I am in no way ready for the Tour but I am enjoying the game on a different level. Needless to say, I am continuing with Donavon during the season, he is that good! THANKS DONAVON!!
JESS R edit
Jess R. Exhilarating! Donavon is a world-class personal trainer right here in Mount Vernon. His enthusiasm and sincerity push clients to the limit – every class, you realize that you can jump even higher, squat even lower, and punch the bag even harder! After one hour of sweating with Donavon, I leave the gym ready to tackle anything.
Brent Kim Boxing Clinic is so much fun, I forget I’m exercising. And Donavon really knows how to motivate. His calls to action – ‘Work for it’ and ‘Do what you can’ – apply to fitness as much as they do to life.
Brandi Z. As a group fitness professional, it is important to me to continuously strive to improve my physique. I teach a lot of spinning, but was lacking greatly in the strength department. I decided to hire a personal trainer; I wanted a well-rounded, independent trainer with the education and experience to back them up. I did a lot of research and interviewed several people before deciding on Donavon.My goal with Donavon was to focus on my upper body (back, arms & core) with a little bit legs. It’s only been a couple of months since we started. Already, I’m seeing significant changes in my shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and core! He’s constantly mixing up the workout (great muscle confusion). He also coaches me on everything from nutrition to travel workouts and ways to enhance my career.I could not be happier with the progress I’ve made with Donavon so far, and I’m excited to see what the results will be in another couple of months!

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Luke and Vicky We were a couple of Aussies working in the US when we came across a flyer for Donavon’s personal training services. Little did we know that it was the beginning of a challenging but extremely fun fitness adventure.Right from the beginning Donavon was interested in understanding what we wanted to achieve. Even though we each had different fitness goals, Donavon was able to come up with workouts that we could do together and achieve the individual results we wanted. Each week the workouts he developed kept us motivated, pushed us to new limits and made us sweat!Knowing that we weren’t going to be in Baltimore forever, Donavon made a special effort to teach us routines and techniques, for both indoors and outdoors, to continue once we returned home to Australia. Donavon has helped us discover a level motivation and passion for fitness that we didn’t know we had. Through his support and enthusiasm, fitness is now an important part of our lives that we enjoy together. Thank you Donavon for the training and your friendship. We are returning to Australia in the best shape of our lives and fully intend to keep it up.
Nichole B. I just want to take the time out to thank Donovan for pushing me towards my fitness goals. I have been his client for over two years now. When I first started working out with him I could not even do a basic push-up or a burpee. I have always been skeptical of personal trainer’s because I was always thought they were out to get your money and not really interested in your fitness goals. But that is different with Donavon. He is more than a personal trainer; he is your friend and your confidant. He actually cares about your well being. And let me tell you, your mood can really dictate your workout. If you are having a good day, then your workout will be stellar. If you had a bad day, you will not put your all in the workout.Since working out with Donavon, my stamina has picked up, I am a lot stronger and my diet has changed tremendously. I have a long way to go to reach my fitness goals, but I am off to a great start. I am wearing clothes that I could not previously fit into. I am doing Fit Club 2, 11 pounds lighter than I started. That is an accomplishment for me.
Ben G. I first began working with Donavon about 10 months ago when I joined his “Fit Club”. At the time I was in reasonably good shape and with my martial arts background I felt that I’d be able to handle the class without a problem. The class was more challenging than I thought it would be as Donavon found ways to push me to my limits (limits that weren’t as high as I thought they were). Donavon’s continuous encouragement and his ability to make the classes both interesting and challenging are a big reason why I met my accomplishments and why I’m in the best shape I’ve been in during my 30’s. No matter if you are just starting out or already in great shape Donavon will find ways to increase your fitness.Recently I tried another one of Donavon’s classes, this time “Boxing Clinic”. I thought it would be fun to learn the basics of a new sport while I work out to stay in shape. When I started out I could barely keep rhythm on the speed bag or continuously hit the coordination bags. By the end of the four weeks not only did my coordination and conditioning improve but I was surprised to see that I had also lost 7 pounds. Can’t wait to see what happens when I enroll in “Fight Club”.
Danielle M. When I started working out with Donavon I weighed 171 pounds at 5’2″. Over the past year I have gone down 5 dress sizes and feel incredible. My confidence has been restored and I continue to set fitness goals and challenge myself both physically and mentally. I definitely would not be where I am today without Donavon’s help.Donavon is one of the most patient, encouraging and motivating trainers with whom I have worked. He not only focuses on the workouts themselves, but encourages a holistic approach to fitness with proper nutrition, rest and mental wellness. Through constant sweat, occasional tears and habitual lateness, Donavon has never given up on me and I can not thank him enough for his persistence and belief that I could accomplish my goals. Currently, I have lost over 30 pounds and continue to work toward my goal weight.
Theresa After giving birth and gaining a respectable 30 pounds I had a very hard time shedding the last 15. What a nightmare! I was frightened those last pudgy pounds would never come off, I was eating good food and staying active, but I needed more! I signed up for Fit Club and things started to move. I lost 5% in body fat and 20 pounds over a 15 week period. It was the combo of diet and the group workouts that did it. The group effort made it easier as all of us had a goal and we worked together. I continue the group workouts weekly because I love having others in class with me and Donavon is a great motivator for all of us. We have lots of fun and it makes working out a lot easier. Fit Club is great! JUST DO IT!
Martina This was my first time taking Boxing Clinic and I loved it. I love boxing in general anyway and I thought this sounded like the perfect opportunity to improve and enjoy exercise. I really liked the intensity of the workouts, they were hard, but I liked the challenge. I liked it when the groups were smaller and I think maybe there should be a limit on the number of people in each class. I like meeting new people and had fun! I would definitely recommend Boxing Clinic to a friend; I wish it would have lasted longer than 4 weeks!

Sara Whitman Donavon genuinely enjoys seeing the progress in his clients and his enthusiasm is contagious. He made me take an interest in my own health that I sorely needed. I was always an out-of-shape bookworm, and, as embarrassing as it is to say it, I was literally scared of exercise. Donavon pushes me to the limit, and is also incredibly supportive. I am now in the best shape in my life, and I wouldn’t have gotten here without his help.Thanks to Donavon, I am back to my high school weight … in my 30s! But much more importantly, I’ve discovered a confidence in my body and my physical ability for the first time in my life.
Steven Dashiell Pounds Lost: 7 Inches from waist: 1.1 Muscle gained: 10 lbsWhen I started training with Donavon I had already lost a good deal of weight and my fitness regimen was pretty good. My goal was to gain muscle. Knowing Donavon’s expertise in martial arts and boxing, I expected a training program that was energetic and challenging. I couldn’t have been more psyched!I saw myself put on more muscle almost immediately. Nine months later and I’m in the best physical shape of my life. My physical endurance has significantly increased…I have gained 10 lbs of muscle and my body fat % dropped to 12%. I know I’m still not done! Donavon provides encouragement and support, consistently pushes you to be your best and will not let you give up on yourself. He has built my confidence in addition to my triceps! If you want someone to get your fitness level to a good place, someone to give you the raw truth, and someone who won’t shortchange you, Donavon is the trainer for you. I’m living proof of that.
Ralph Monte Pounds Lost: 10 Inches Lost From Waist: 1.75 inchesDonavon has been an amazing trainer! I started training with Donavon over a year ago. I’ll admit that starting off was a challenge, not only with staying engaged in exercise, but also with (eventually) bringing my diet under control. Through it all, Donavon provided nothing but support and encouragement. In fact, he seemed to know more than I did about what and how much I was capable of accomplishing.In Fit Club, I’ve managed to slim down back to a pant size I hadn’t seen since sophomore year of college. Donavon even achieved the inconceivable – he got me to like running, first on the treadmill, and running outside will be the next frontier. With Fit Club done and spring in the air, I can’t wait till Boxing Clinic and Fight Club this summer – Donavon pulls out all the stops to make sure we all have a great time getting in shape. Thanks so much for everything, Donavon, and I’ll see you in the gym.
Krissy Comas Pounds Lost: 10 Inches Lost From Waist: 1.5 inchesAfter seeing results from the Boxing Clinic and training with Donavon, I decided to commit 100% to the two Fit Club sessions. I found muscles I didn’t know I had, and everything got leaner, stronger, and more toned. I got so much inspiration and energy from the class that I decided to train for a half marathon in conjunction with Fit Club. I did my first half marathon last weekend, and now I am ready for more!Donavon’s training fits perfectly with a running program. He focuses on strength building, fat burning workouts, and core work. He always changes the workouts, and the music and the exercises made me actually enjoy going to the sessions! He has a great sense of humor and is able to work individually with each participant, even in a big group. I also liked the eating plans, as it gave me some new ideas about snacking and spreading my meals into small meals throughout the day. Overall, the weight loss numbers speak for themselves – but the mental strength and emotional boost I got from Fit Club can’t be measured. Thanks, Donavon!
Joshua Spray Pounds Lost: 20 Inches Lost From Waist: 4.5 inchesLet’s start off by establishing me. I hate early mornings, hate discipline, never really lifted weights or went to the gym in a regiment, and God knows, I hate to be told what I can and can’t eat. However, with the direction of Donavon, I have managed to lose 9% body fat, 4.5″ from my waist, gained muscle mass (especially in my arms), and lost a total of 29 lbs since Christmas, and somehow managed to enjoy it. The bulk of this weight was lost at 2 Fit Clubs that I completed with Donavon. The Fits Clubs are great, as you are with a small group of people, who, whether you want to or not, totally kidding, become your friends and a support group.Donavon himself is great to work with. He pushes you and creates an inclusive and entertaining environment. Although these are classes, you still receive individual attention and instruction from Donavon. At times, you are like, why am I here at 6 am? But in the end it’s totally worth it. I am not only glad to call Donavon my trainer, but also, a great friend. Kind Regards, Josh
Erick Seltzer Pounds Lost: 70During a break in my gym membership for two months, Donavon said something to me that really touched my heart. He told me that he didn’t think of me anymore as a client, he viewed me as a friend. That really meant a lot to me for what I was going through in my personal life. He also told me that if I needed him, I could call, email or text him anytime. How many other personal trainers would do that? Not many, I assure you….A couple weeks ago, I was down to 200 3/4 pounds and just knew I had to kick it into high gear. Donavon, knowing that I was determined to make it happen, didn’t ease up on me (particularly because I told him that’s how I wanted him to train me). I am proud to announce that on my official weigh-in I was down to 199 3/4 pounds…I remember that first day I walked into the gym and honestly, how scared I was. The first step is the hardest and it truly gets easier with each passing day, thanks in part to one amazing man.
Debbie A. Pounds Lost: 10 Inches Lost From Waist: 4 inchesWorking with Donavon over the course of one year I have lost over 18% body fat and have gone down 4 dress sizes. With Donavon’s help I have set and met goals resulting in marked improvement in endurance, strength, balance and coordination. Though “the numbers” still amaze me and the physical improvements have left me a happier, healthier person, it is the changes in attitude and self perception that have had the biggest impact on my life. I am more confident and willing to try new things. I have a new respect for my body: it’s capabilities and it’s limitations. At my age you just don’t expect to experience changes like these!Donavon’s classes are challenging: he continues to push and he switches up routines to make things interesting and keep me on my toes. Yet, it’s always entertaining, he manages to make it fun. The results are rewarding but it’s the fun that keeps you coming back to the gym!
Jim A. Pounds Lost: 28 Inches Lost From Waist: 3 inchesTaking Donavon’s Fit Club was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Working with Donavon has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever. He helped me find the confidence to harness my willpower and achieve more than I ever thought was possible. Donavon is a GREAT motivator.After just 1 Fit Club session, I lost a total of 28 lbs and over 3 inches off of my waistline. Thanks to Donavon, I’m well on my way to meeting my personal fitness goals and I look forward to working with him in the future. Thanks for everything, D.!