As a personal trainer, clients often ask what led me into the fitness field. I have always been constantly active and extremely competitive. It became clear that boxing was a natural fit for me. I trained as a boxer for several years before becoming interested in martial arts. After earning a black belt in Taekwondo, I decided to pursue mixed martial arts. However, training was highly time consuming and not a very practical lifestyle choice. I began to focus on the idea of transforming lives through fitness and helping others to reach their personal fitness goals. I decided to share my motivation and contagious enthusiasm for fitness with more people by becoming a personal trainer. I knew I would need to succeed at motivating others in order to help them meet their goals and to push them through the challenging peaks and plateaus. Having trained for a sport myself gave me an inside advantage, as there are some things you can only learn and understand if you have been through it yourself.

I found it instantly easy to motivate clients, just as I had always motivated myself. It doesn’t cross my mind that I can’t accomplish a goal. I set my mind on something and simply make it happen. When you can cause others to think in the same manner, their goals suddenly become more attainable. I believe people feed off of each other’s energy. I’ve been told that my positive attitude and support has been immeasurable in pushing clients to surpass their personal fitness goals. From motivation comes success, and I find it personally rewarding when clients surprise themselves and reach goals they never thought they could attain. I enjoy witnessing the results my clients achieve and helping them push themselves beyond what they think they can accomplish. I’ve even had clients who disliked running eventually complete marathons.

Personal training is not just a job for me, but a way of life. I love being able to do those things that I enjoy and truly believe in, as my job. And, since I work so closely with my clients, I tend to see them as more than clients; they become my friends. I can’t help but want to see my friends reach their goals. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than standing on the sidelines cheering on a friend who has just crossed the finish line!